The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR)

The Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers represents the interests of approximately 1 million reservists across 36 participating nations within and beyond NATO, making it the world’s largest military reserve officer organization.

AORR has been a member of CIOR since 2004 and constantly takes part in CIOR events through its representatives. 

In order to consolidate the presence of AORR within CIOR, col. (r) dr. Crăișor-Constantin Ioniță took part in the virtual session of the of the preparation meeting for the CIOR Winter Congress (In-Between-Meeting / IBM4), 25-28 April 2018, Royal Academy Sandhurst, UK. At the same time, col. (r) dr. Cătălin STOIAN was appointed in June 2018 as AORR contact for the cyber defence session of DEFSEC, and AORR obtained the registration of the National Defence University “Carol I” in the CIOR e-Learning project. In September 2018, AORR appointed col. (r) Stelian Rădulescu as point of contact for the CIOR CIMIC Committee.

The Forum of Associative Reserve Structures from Defense, Public Order and Homeland Security

The partnership between AORR and the Forum  is conducted in the spirit of the Partnership Agreement among the associative reserve structures from defence, public order and homeland security, established on 5 June 2018. In fulfilling this Agreement, the parties are aware of their responsibilities regarding the defence of military dignity and honor, considering the statutary, principled objectives of each one, of promoting the rights and interest of their members, established through the Constitution of Romania and the country’s body of laws, animated by the desire to take part in the achievment of a wide consensus at a national level, supporting continued reform in the field of defence and national security, admitting the importance of a constructive dialogue in the spirit of mutual respect and according the European principles and standards.

L’Union Nationale des Organisations de Reservistes - France (UNOR)

UNOR brings together national and territorial associations of reserve officers in France, under an associative structure with a long history, starting in 1921. UNOR is an active contributor to France’s defence policies and to its social life, while also enjoying strong integration with similar organizations throughout the world.

The Central-European Central Institute of Research and Analysis

The Central European Institute of Research and Strategic Analysis (CIRSA) is an independent think-tank founded to propagate and support a development of researches over a subject-matter of a state functioning and international relations.

The College of Business and Entrepreneurship in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski (WSBiP)

The College of Business and Entrepreneurship aims at creating the best possible training conditions thanks to highly qualified academic staff, modern teaching base, the implementation of many EU projects and researches and extensive cooperation both on the national and international levels.

Engaging in educational, cultural and sports activities, as well as adapting the educational offer to local needs, the College is constantly growing into the town of its origin and helps to overcome some of its problems.

The Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association (EROK)

The Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association (EROK) was founded on June 22 1997 upon the initiative of the participants of the first two voluntary reserve officers training courses held at the Battle School of the Defence Forces in Meegomäe, Võru County. The driving force bringing the volunteers together was their common concern for Estonia’s national security and the need to improve the will of defence of the nation.

The partnership between AORR and EROK is based on mutual exchanges of information and mutual support, with a focus on reserve training and taking part in CIOR events.