For the first time, Romanian volunteer reserves train with US reserves

For the first time, Romanian volunteer reservists train with US reserves.
US competitor during the shooting trial, Milcomp - Tallinn, Estonia, 2019 | Photo: Staff Sgt. Nina Ramon

Between 1 and 7 aug 2021 a joint training of reservists from the Romanian and US armies will take place at the Land Forces Academy “Nicolae Bălcescu” in Sibiu. It is the first large scale mission dedicated to Romanian volunteer reservists and the first time when they take part in a military application together with a NATO ally.

The training will be based on the MILCOMP format, a military competition organized yearly by the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers, the biggest organization of reserve officers in the world. Due to the pandemic, the competition has been suspended in 2020 and 2021, but it is expected to come back next year, in Athens. Romania plans to compete in MILCOMP 2022 with at least one time, and the training in 1-7 August is an important selection stage. In addition, working with the more experienced American team can provide an important competitive advantage.

The badge of the Romanian volunteer reserve detachment, The Carpathian Wolves

The 53 participants will train on the CISM obstacle course, in utility swimming, rifle and pistol shooting, handgrenade throwing, marching and orienteering. The program also includes a series of Combat Lifesaver courses, teaching elements of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC). 

The event takes place with the support of the Defense Staff, the Staff of the Land Forces, the Staff of the Air Force and the Joint Logistics Command, with the approval of the Ministry of Defense. Volunteer reservists from all regions of Romania and various weapons and specialties, together with representatives of the Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR) and staff from the “Nicolae Bălcescu” Land Forces Academy, the Training Center for Land and Anti-Aircraft Artilery “Ioan Vodă” Sibiu and the Training Center for Moutain Light Infantry ,,Bucegi” in Predeal. The involvement of AORR has been essential for adopting the competition format and coordinating with decision makers. Directly in charge of planning this event is 2LT Bogdan Jar, under the supervision of the AORR President, dr. Virgil Bălăceanu and together with an extended team, covering communication, research, medical and administrative tasks. 

US competitors on the CISM obstacles course - Tallinn, Estonia, 2019 | Photo: Sgt. Apolonia Gaspar