Partnership Agreement signed between AORR and the National Defense University “Carol I”

Partnership Agreement signed between AORR and the National Defense University "Carol I"
Photo: UNAp/Facebook

On 21st of December 2020, at the Senate Hall of the National Defense University “Carol I” a Partnership Agreement was signed between the Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR) and the National Defense University “Carol I”

The AORR delegation participating at this important event was led by the Association President, Lt. Gen. (r) dr. Virgil Bălăceanu, who also signed the Partnership Agreement. The delegation also included: dr. Alba Iulia Catrinel Popescu, Lt. Gen. (r) dr. Florian Pința, Maj. Gen. (r) dr. Dan-Florin Grecu, Col. (r) dr. Crăișor-Cosntantin Ioniță and Col. (r) Ovidiu Călugărescu.

On behalf of the National Defense University “Carol I”, the Partnership Agreement was signed by the Commandant (rector) of this prestigious institution of higher military education, Brig. Gen. Dorin Corneliu Pleșcan. The activity was also attended by the Deputy commandant, the Pro-rector for research and the Deans of the two organic faculties – the Command and Staff Faculty and the Security and Defense Faculty.

The event marks the formalization of the relationship that AORR has had with the academic environment, in general, with the military one in particular, and comes as a recognition of the scientific events that the Association, in cooperation with National Defense University’s structures already have organized in the previous years.

During the discussions that followed the ceremony, the interest of the two institutions to cooperate in the field of specific research and to organize scientific activities aimed at promoting the research results, being iterated including the possibility of organizing, in a short time, even during the Spring of 2021, a Symposium or a Conference focusing on Reserve Forces and Territorial Defense.