AORR signed a Cooperation and Partnership Agreement with the Romanian Business Association of the Military Technique Manufacturers (PATROMIL)

AORR signed a Cooperation and Partnership Agreement with the Romanian Business Association of the Military Technique Manufacturers (PATROMIL)

On January 30, 2020, at the “Alba Iulia” Hall within the Palace of the National Military Circle, in the presence of very important guests from the Defense, Public Order and National Security Committees of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Economy and Energy, representatives of the Business Environment and members of the two associations, it was agreed and signed the Cooperation and Partnership Agreement between AORR and PATROMIL. A representative of the Military Observatory newspaper was also present at the activity.

The Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR), which includes, as full members, Generals and Officers in reserve, retired and volunteer reserve, as well as, as associated members, Non-Commissioned Officers, and All Ranks, is full member of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers – CIOR (NATO affiliated) and an apolitical entity that does not carry out activities in support of or against any political party and which represents a professional-scientific potential relevant to the development, promotion and implementation of Romania’s Security and Defense policy.

The Romanian Business Association of Military Technique Manufacturers (PATROMIL), as the national employers’ association, stated in the prerogatives offered by its Constitution and By-Law and the legislation governing the employers’ association structures, is the “specialized body” in substantiating, initiating and implementing the Defense and Military strategies of Romania. It aims to encourage and develop relationships of trust and mutual benefit between members, clients and partners.

Signing of the Cooperation and Partnership Agreement between AORR, represented by Lt.Gen. (r) Virgil Bălăceanu, PhD, the President of the Association and PATROMIL, represented by Eng. Viorel Manole, as Executive Director of the Association, supports the confluence of parties’ actions to increase the effectiveness of the public policies for the development of the National Defense Industry and of strengthening the Defense capacity of Romania, within NATO and the European Union.

The main purpose is the mutual support of the rights and interests of their members, of the actions of common interest, the mutual promotion, the development of activities in partnership, the carrying out of any other mutually agreed activities, respecting the Constitutions and y-Laws, as well as their own organizational independence.

Also, by signing the Agreement the following are envisaged:

  • collaboration of the signatory parties for the modernization of the legislative framework of developing the National Defense Industry, Scientific Research and Military Technical Education in the Defense sector, to support the creation of the financial, material and human conditions necessary for the defense effort and the modernization of the defense capabilities;
  • capitalization of professional competences, expertise and cultural-scientific potential of their members for the development of the defense capabilities of the Romanian Armed Forces in the interest of modernization, its endowment with modern technical and combat means, at the level of NATO and EU standards;
  • access of the EU funds, materializing in Romania the opportunities offered by setting up joint financial funds for defense and developing research and production for common defense;
  • active participation in the organization and functioning of student entrepreneurial societies in the Services’ Academies and the Military Technical Academy;
  • organization of mentoring activities for students, in order to train their entrepreneurial skills;
  • support, in the face of political decision-makers and academic staff, of the need for pre-military training of young people in pre-university and university civilian educational institutions, as well as the promotion of dual education;
  • support, in the face of political decision-makers, of the urgent need to modernize and equip all categories of Romanian Army forces with modern means of combat, especially with high-performance products from the national defense industry.

On this occasion, there were also a series of discussions regarding the importance of cooperation between specialists of the two associations for the development of the defense industry.

The leaders of the two associations thank all the participants in the event and believe that the implementation of this Agreement will lead to the promotion of ideas and beneficial concepts for the development of the military equipment and armament industry.