Signing the AORR – UNVRIRM Cooperation Protocol

Signing the AORR - UNVRIRM Cooperation Protocol

On January 22, 2020, a delegation of the National Union of Veterans of Independence War from Republic of Moldova (UNVRIRM), comprising its president, Col. (r) Eduard MAICAN and the military doctor in reserve Ovidiu GALAGAN, attended the Executive Council meeting of the Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR), in order to sign a Cooperation Protocol between the two Associations.

The signing of this document is a contribution to the mutual efforts for the development of good military, economic, cultural and diplomatic relations between Romania and the Republic of Moldova and the common interest of the two Parties to contribute to the promotion and maintenance of peace and security in the region, in the context of escalating risks and increasing threats to security and stability in the proximity area of ​​the two states.

The purpose of this Protocol is to establish the legal framework necessary for cooperation between the Parties in areas of common interest, established by their Constitutions and By-Laws operating regulations of the two organizations. The document was signed by the AORR President, Lt.Gen. (r) Virgil BĂLĂCEANU and UNVRIRM President, Col. (r) Eduard MAICAN. The Protocol includes, inter alia, areas of cooperation and exchange of experience, such as:

  • cultivation and development of esteem feelings, respect and attachment to the real values ​​of democracy;
  • development of feelings of duty for the defense of the country, solidarity, cooperation, as well as friendship and collaborative relations between members of the two organizations;
  • promoting ideas and theories aimed at developing modern concepts of defense training and warfare in the context of the latest international developments and, in particular, of the new forms of manifestation of hybrid and informational aggression, by capitalizing on the experience and training of war veterans and reserve military personnel;
  • mutual support in education and training of active and reserve military personnel, in the spirit of love for the country, respect for the laws and ideals of union and integration in the European Union;
  • conducting periodic consultations and working meetings on topics of common interest, including the use of online communication means;
  • providing support and consultancy in the field of promoting ideas of modernization of the national legislation regarding Reserve Forces and of their training and carrier development, including for the creation and development of a volunteer reserve military body in the Republic of Moldova;
  • supporting the affiliation of UNVRIRM into the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR) – the PfP Committee – and the subsequent participation, jointly, in some activities organized by the Confederation as observers.

On this occasion, truly historical, there were also a series of applied and conclusive discussions between the members of the two delegations, which sought a better knowledge and understanding of the concerns, objectives and modalities of action of the two organizations. The first steps for the implementation of the Protocol were also agreed, with the decision to organize, in the near future, a working visit to Chisinau, where to establish an AORR subsidiary in the Republic of Moldova, consisting of reserve military personnel with Romanian citizenship. At the same time, Col. (r) Eduard MAICAN was elected as Honorable President of the AORR sub-branch from Vaslui and Mr. Ovidiu GALAGAN was approved as full member of the AORR, being a permanent resident in Romania since 1992 and also a military doctor who could become the AORR representative to the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Medical Officers (CIOMR).

The CD Members thanked to the two UNVRIRM participants for the openness and atmosphere of fraternal camaraderie that they managed to achieve during the official meeting and the moment of socialization that followed and expresses the hope that this relationship will further increase in the interests of both associations, with beneficial effects on the further development of military cooperation relations between the two countries, in accordance with the provisions of the Bi-lateral Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of Romania on military cooperation, signed in Chisinau on April 20, 2012.