Support to NATO School Oberammergau, Germany – Nov 2019

Support to NATO School Oberammergau, Germany - Nov 2019
P3-53-B-19 CJOC Course Picture

Through Col. (r) Crăișor-Constantin IONIȚĂ, PhD, AORR, full member of CIOR, continues the support given to the NATO School in Oberammergau, Germany.

Between 4 – 8 November 2019, the officer was invited as Guest-Speaker and Facilitator to the Combined Joint Operations Center Course (P3-53-B-19). The course had 53 participants from 24 countries (16 member states and 8 partners).  They studied, mainly, the NATO organization for Crisis and Operations Management, the role and missions of the various Operational Centres at Strategic level (CCOMC-SHAPE), Operational (CJOC -JFCNP, JOC-KFOR HQ) and Tactical (CAOC Uedem-AOC, MARCOM-MOC), as well as some specific CJOC functions (like Join Personnel Recovery, Electromagnetic Operations, Joint Targeting and Legal aspects). The last part of the Course was covered by a practical exercise coordinated by Col. (r.) dr. Ioniță, supported by an expert from JFCNP, who was very well appreciated by students and during which they were divided into 7 syndicates (CJOC Core – type), each having to elaborate annexes of a CJOC SOP and to resolve an incident / event.

Col (r) Crăișor-Constantin IONIȚĂ will also participate in the next iteration, which will take place in March next year.