Conducting Recce for the Preparation of the International Conference of Experts SECDEF 19

Conducting Recce for the Preparation of the International Conference of Experts SECDEF 19

On 18.10.2019, at the Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I” (ATM), a reconaisance (recce) activity took place for the preparation of the International Conference of Experts SECDEF 19, which will be held on 7-8 November 2019. Participants: representatives from the Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR) – Lt. Gen. (r) Virgil Bălăceanu, Brig.Gen. (r) Mihail Țăpârlea, Brig.Gen. (r) Iulian Burticioiu, Col. (r) Crăișor-Constantin Ioniță, Col. (r) Gabriel Ciorobea, Mr. Marian-Dorel Olteanu, one representative from PATROMIL – Dir. Viorel Mnaole – and one representative from the Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I” – Cder Cristian-Emil Moldoveanu. Brig. Gen. (r) Nicolae Matei from ANCMRR was invited to attend. And he presented a book review of the history of the national defense industry.

The activity was aimed at visiting the rooms / spaces provided by the ATM for the Conference, setting up the activities with responsibilities arising from the programme of the event, as well as analysing all materials that will be included in the Participation Map. On this occasion, Col. Crăișor Ioniță handed over the file of the conference to Brig.Gen. Mihail Țăpârlea and his responsibilities to Col. Dan Gogescu.

Cder Cristian Moldoveanu conducted the recce by presenting to the Organizing Committee of SECDEF 19 the meeting rooms for the plenary and panel sections, as well as the places for disposing armaments exhibition. He requested that the lunch be modified in the programme – from 13.00 to 12.00 -, in order to not interfere with that of the students.

Lt.Gen. Virgil Bălăceanu established the necessary expenses for organising the activity, which has to be included in the report of necessity to be drafted by Brig.Gen. Mihail Țăpârlea. Following the discussions some changes were made in the Conference Programme and the responsibilities for the purchase / payment of each action / material were established. Also, it was established the need to rent three IVECO-type buses from the Guard Brigade for the visit to the Măgurele Laser, on the first day.

At the request of some defense industry companies to bring their materials and organise the exhibition venues a day earlier, it was agreed that they will finalise the instalation on 06 Nov.2019, between 15.00 – 16.00.

Col. Gabriel Ciorobea, together with 2nd Lt. Cosmin Stroiu, will be responsible with the foreigners attending the Conference, throughout the period of the activity.

The relationship with the Media will be addressed by Maj. Raluca Dima, supported by Brig. Gen. Mihail Țăpârlea, who will prepare a press release for the journalists.