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Final Session for the Preparation of the International Conference of Experts SECDEF 19

Final Session for the Preparation of the International Conference of Experts SECDEF 19

On 18.10.2019, at the Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I” (ATM), took place the Final Session for the Preparation of the SECDEF International Conference of Experts 19, which will be held on 7-9 September 2019. Participants: representatives from the Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR) – Lt. Gen. (r) Virgil Bălăceanu, Brig.Gen. (r) Mihail Țăpârlea, Brig.Gen. (r) Iulian Burticioiu, Col. (r) Crăișor-Constantin Ioniță, Col. (r) Dan Gogescu, Col. (r) Nicolae Tudor -, one representative from PATROMIL – Dir. Viorel Mnaole – and representatives from the Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I” – Cder Cristian-Emil Moldoveanu and Maj. Raluca Dima.

The purpose of the meeting was to finalise and aprove the programme of the scientific event, establish the response for the Polish defense attaché, as well as the responsibilities for finalising the preparation and during the conference proceedings. Col. Ioniță presented the current status of the conference, with special emphasis on: the detailed programme of the conference, the approval of the minister of national defense on the AORR letter regarding the access of foreign diplomats accredited to Bucharest to the event; the list of participants registered until 15.10.2019; the way of conducting, in parallel, the Romanian-Polish Joint Technical Committee meeting; the situation of the transmission of the access data by the participants; the answer prepared for the Polish defense attaché. Gen.. Țăpârlea and Gen. Burticioiu presented the negotiations with the National Military Circle regarding the organization of official dinners and with the Haiducului Military Complex regarding the accommodation and breakfast for foreign participants. Gen. Balaceanu presented the last news regarding sponsorships, and Dir. Manole detailed how the Defense Industry Panel and the armaments exhibition are organized.

The following responsibilities have been established:

–      Brig.Gen. (r) Mihail Țăpârlea – organizer of the official dinner at the Byzantine Hall within the National Military Circle and finalizing the model for the participation map (22.10);

–      Brig.Gen (r) Iulică Burticioiu – accommodation and breakfast for foreign participants at the Haiducului Military Complex;

–      Col. (r) Dan GOGESCU will gradually take over, starting with 30.10.2019, from col. (r) Dr. Crăișor-Constantin Ioniță, his responsibilities as Secretary of the Organizing Committee of SECDEF 19 and will be responsible for the administrative details of the conference;

–      Col. (r) Nicolae Tudor will be included in the Organizing Committee as responsible with participants’ access in the ATM;

–      Cder Cristian Moldoveanu is responsible for organizing the military armaments exhibition;

–      Capt. (r) Cosmin Stroiu will handle the foreign participants during the entire activity;

–      Col. (r) Ninel Cercheaz[ will forward to the Secretary the List of Participants from AORR and, subsequently, the List of Participants from ANCMRR and other associations;

–      Col. (r) Crăișor-Constantin Ioniță will contact the AORR accountant to determine what documents should be drawn up for spending the money from sponsorships and will prepare and send, by 30.10.2019, the List of Participants, Romanian and foreigners, as well as materials that will be presented by the guest-speakers.

In the week before the conference, the Organizing Committee will conduct a Recce activity of all established places within the event, at a date established later.