Main Session for the Preparation of the International Conference of Experts SECDEF 19

Main Session for the Preparation of the International Conference of Experts SECDEF 19

On 04.10.2019, at the Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I” (ATM), it took place the Main Session for the Preparation of the SECDEF International Conference of Experts 19, which will be held on 7-9 September 2019. Participants: representatives from the Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR) – Lt.Gen. (r) Virgil Bălăceanu, Brig.Gen. (r) Mihail Țăpârlea, Brig.Gen. (r) Iulian Burticioiu, Col. (r) Crăișor-Constantin Ioniță, Mr. Marian-Dorel Olteanu -, one representative from PATROMIL – Mr.. Bogdan Hera – and representatives from the Military Technical Academy “Ferdinand I” – Cder Cristian-Emil Moldoveanu and Maj. Raluca Dima.

The purpose of the meeting was to finalise the main activities that will be carried out for the preparation and during the conference proceedings, as well as to agree on the detailed documents and the program of the scientific activity. It started with an update on the steps taken so far with the conference preparation, with a special emphasis on: the list of participants who have been registered until 30 Sep 2019; liaison with the PoC of the Department of Armaments, LTC. Radu Bălan for conducting, at the same time and during the conference, the Romanian-Polish Joint Technical Committee meeting; details regarding the financing of the accommodation and morning meals; official dinner at CMN (the menu would cost around 70 lei / person and will be financed by PATROMIL); drawing up the participation map; and aspects regarding the organisation of the military armaments exhibition.

The conference programme was finalised, by adding a break and group photo in the first part of the first day (7 Nov), as well as an administrative briefing. As there are not enough guest-speakers to support all four panels of the conference, it was decided to merge panels 3 and 4 into one, coordinated by ATM.

During the meeting, a discussion took place with the representative of S.C. ROM ARMYCATHERING S.A. and the method of serving the lunch at the ATM premises was established, as well as its cost – 20 lei / person, which will be supported by the participants.

 The following responsibilities have been established:

  • Brig.Gen. (r) Mihail Țăpârlea – the connection with the commandant of the National Military Circle (CMN) for the official dinner and the finalisation of the model for the participation map (15 Oct);
  • Brig.Gen (r) Iulică Burticioiu – the connection with the administrator of the Haiducului Military Complex for the accommodation of foreigners and the morning meals;
  • Col. (r) Dan GOGESCU will take over responsibilities as Secretary of the Organizing Committee of SECDEF 19 from Col. (r) Crăișor-Constantin Ioniță, starting with 03 Nov.2019;
  • Cder Cristian Moldoveanu is responsible for organizing the military armaments exhibition;
  • Col. (r) Crăișor-Constantin Ioniță will send, until 08 Oct.2019, the Conference Announcement and the Conference Program to all participants and will draw up the list with foreign participants (15 Oct.) and Romanian (30 Oct.) to the activity.

AORR is going to establish a PoC to handle the foreign participants during the activity.

The Final Session for the preparation of the Conference will be held on 18 October 2019, also at the ATM, at 12.00 hrs. Until then, the list with all Romanian and foreign participants’ data, the model of the participation map, as well as the details regarding the organisation of the military armaments exhibition will have to be finalised.