A new meeting with the Polish defense attaché, in preparation for the International Experts Conference SECDEF 19

A new meeting with the Polish defense attaché, in preparation for the International Experts Conference SECDEF 19

On 25 September 2019, a delegation of the Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR) led by Lt.Gen. (r) Virgil BALACEANU, the AORR President, together with Col. (r) Crăișor-Constantin IONIȚĂ, with Mr. Viorel MANOLE, the Executive Director of PATROMIL and representatives of the Technical Military Academy “Ferdinand I” (ATM) – Maj. Raluca DIMA and Lt. Daniel ZVÎNCU -, ​​had the pleasure to meet, once again, the Polish defense attaché, Col. Jerzy JANKOWSKI and his new appointed deputy, at the Polish Embassy in Bucharest.

The meeting took place following the bilateral intergovernmental talks held in Bucharest, on 18 September 2019, when the two Romanian and Polish Defense Ministers reiterated the need to strengthen cooperation in the field of defense industries, especially where the two states have competences in certain industrial branches. The emphasis that the two ministers placed on increasing their cooperation, by using the International Experts Conference SECDEF 19 which is planned to take place between 7 – 9 November 2019 in Bucharest as a possible vehicle for joint Romanian-Polish discussions and negotiations, as well as linking the work of the Joint Technical Committee of the two Armaments Departments with the conduct and location of the Conference, shows that the event acquires a special importance in obtaining common agreements and mutual success.

Col. Jankowski stressed the fact that he had obtained the consent of the Polish Minister of Defense regarding the possibility of the Polish Secretary of State responsible for the defense industry and of the Director of Armaments attending the Conference, as well as the idea of currently conducting negotiations with the main Polish armaments companies to send representatives to this event. At the proposal of Col. (r) Ionița to ask those companies to consider the possibility of organising armaments exhibitions during the Conference, the defense attaché promised that he would discuss this issue with the respective companies and try to convince them.

He also mentioned that he spoke with the representative of the Romanian Department of Armaments and the respective officer confirmed that they will send out invitations for the two Polish personalities. In this context, a meeting will be held next week. Moreover, he confirmed his and his new deputy attendance at the Conference.

Mr. Manole explained the way of conducting the defense industry panel, which is in the coordination of PATROMIL, specifying that, until this date, it is not clear the participation of Romanian and foreign companies in the event, nor if they want to organize armaments exhibitions. Next week, he personally will contact those companies and have clear discussions with their representatives.

Lt. Gen. (r) Bălăceanu presented the draft proposed agenda for the event, emphasizing the presence of personalities at the Opening Ceremony (7 November), as well as the next day, when it is supposed that the work of the Romanian-Polish Joint Technical Committee to take place.

At the end, a new meeting is scheduled to take place in October 2019, after the Polish defense attaché will receive enough information from Warsaw.