The AORR General Assembly – 27 March 2019

The AORR General Assembly - 27 March 2019

The Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR), member of the Interallied Confederation of Reserve Officers (CIOR), upholding the valorization and development of reserve and volunteer reserve enlists as essential objectives in its activity, their accountability for homeland and collective defense, the capitalization of the experience and professional expertise of generals and reserve or retired officers, as well as volunteer reserve officers, the promotion of national and euroatlantic security interests, values and objectives, has concluded its yearly General Assembly, meant to analyze its 2018 performance. 

On this occasion, achievements in improving national defense legislation have been highlighted, toghether with the contribution to celebrating the Centennial of the Great Union, for which the association has created the Expo-Memorial Complex “Glory to Romanian Soldiers”, inaugurated at Alba-Iulia in 30 November 2018, a work of art and historic testimony meant to honor the sacrifice of Romanian servicemen for the achievement of the Great Union.

For 2019, AORR has planned, as a core element in its activity, to organize a scientific conference in November with the topic “The Development of regional-European and euroatlantic cooperation along the lines of security and defense industries, in order to maintain and develop prioritary defense capabilities. Employing extended military cooperation programs to strengthen security and defense in Europe”, an event organized in partnership with the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Economy, the Romanian Business Association of the Military Technique Manufacturers (PATROMIL) and international partner organizations.

On the occasion of the General Assembly, approval has been given for the AORR Call for Action, addressing to the President of Romania, and the Message for the review of reserve forces training (annexed, in Romanian). 

At the same time, the Romanian Reserve Officers Association has opened the way for collaboration with associative structures in the Republic of Moldova, by sending a partnership invitation to the Association of the Independence War Veterans in the Republic of Moldova.