Supporting the NATO School from Oberammergau (NSO)

Supporting the NATO School from Oberammergau, 18-22 March 2019 (NSO)

AORR continues, in 2019, the active support given to the NATO School in Oberammergau (NSO), Germany, by sending Colonel (r) Crăişor-Constantin IONIŢĂ, ROU-A, PhD.

The officer was invited as both guest-speaker and mentor at the Combined Joint Operations Center Course (P3-53-A-19), which took place from 18 to 22 March 2019.  The course was attended by 62 participants from 24 nations (18 NATO Member States and 6 Partners) who mainly studied the NATO’s operation management system, role, organisation and missions of various operation management centers at the Startegic level (CCOMC-SHAPE), Operational level (CJOC -JFCBR and JFCNP, JOC-KFOR HQ) and Tactical one (AIRCOM-AOC, LANDCOM-OPCEN and MARCOM-MOC), as well as some functional areas specific to CJOC (Personnel Recovery, Electromagnetic Operations, Legal and IT technical software used for Information Management). The last part of the course was covered by an exercise coordinated by Col. (r) Ioniță, supported by a NATO expert from JFCNP, who was very well appreciated by tstudents and during which they were divided into 8 Syndicates (CJOC Nucleus-type), each of them having to elaborate annexes of the CJOC SOP and to solve an incident / event.

During his involvement in the activity, Col. (r) Ioniță invitated the NATO School Commandand and the Dean for Education to personaly attend or send a representative of this valuable Allied educational institution to the International Expert Conference SECDEF 19. The officer was invited tol participate at the next iteration of the Course, which is to be held in November, this year.