AORR takes part in the CIOR Mid Winter Meeting

AORR takes part in the CIOR Mid Winter Meeting​

During 30.01 – 01.02.2019, a delegation of the Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR), including (r) dr. Virgil BĂLĂCEANU, col. (r) dr. Crăișor-Constantin IONIȚĂ and col. (r) Cătălin STOIAN took part in the CIOR Mid Winter Meeting, at the new NATO Headquarters in Bruxelles, Belgium. Their presence was possible thanks to the support provided by the Romanian Military Representative for NATO and the EU, dr. Dumitru SCARLAT. 

The purpose of the CIOR meeting was to vote and sign the new Memorandum of Understanding between CIOR and the National Reserve Forces Committee (NRFC), and the objectives consisted in discussing future actions regarding Young Reserve Offices  (YROs – reserve officers up to 30 year old), settling areas of collaboration between CIOR and NRFC, as well as debating and approving financial, legal and administrative issues with regard to the organizatation of the main events in 2019, including the Summer Congress in Tallinn, Estonia. 

The members of the AORR delegation presented specific proposals regarding the organization of CIOR Linguistic Academy (CLA) foreign language courses in Romania, in 2020. The proposals were receive very well by CLA members, who pointed out that we will be competing with Switzerland and France. The AORR representatives received a list of possible expenses, covering lodging, feeding, educational and social insurances, to be filled in by the organizers and sent back to CLA for comparison. 

The involvement of the AORR delegation in the DEFSEC Committee, including the Cyber Defence Team, has been appreciated, and col. (r) Ioniță has been accepted as an active member of DEFSEC, building on his previous position of Point of Contact. At the same time, following contact and conversations with the President of the CIMIC Committee, the AORR point of contact has become and active member of this committee.

The aim of AORR is to increase its involvement within the YRO Committee as well, by attracting and sending out young volunteer reserve officers at the specialty courses set up by CIOR and NRFC, at the Military Competition (MILCOMP) and at the foreign languages courses organized by CLA, and to appoint an AORR point of contact with this committee.