AORR Representatives Meet the US Military Defence Attache

AORR Representatives Meet the US Military Defence Attache


A delegation of the Romanian Reserve Officers Association (AORR) led by Lt.Gen. (Ret) Virgil BALACEANU, AORR President, had the pleasure to meet the U.S. Defense Attaché, Col. Scott WESTON (USAF), and head of the U.S. Office of Defense Cooperation, Col. Steven KLINGMAN (USAF). 

The bilateral discussions focused on necessary steps to strengthen AORR cooperation with similar U.S. military reserve associations sharing the same interests and common values. Such initiatives would encompass the following areas: building reserve forces; revitalizing the National Defense Industry; developing reservists; education and training programs for retired personnel, including pre-military training in high school and college; and, effectively representing the active duties in front of local and national institutions. 

Col. Weston highlighted the U.S. Embassy’s willingness to support our Association in discovering solutions to strengthen bilateral cooperation with appropriate U.S. military reserve officers associations.